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Joy in January…

Joy in January…can be  a little hard to find. Three things have cheered me up.

The first was going to see The Artist at our new local cinema, the Hackney Picturehouse, at a sold-out afternoon showing. Proof that silence can be as meaningful, funny and moving as sound. Also that black and white can be as rich as colour – those velvety shadows and sequined highlights.

The second was an artist. Courtesy of my sister, who is a member, I went to see David Hockney’s A Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy. Pure colour and nature joy. Hockney’s landscapes are of the East Yorkshire landscape near where he lives in Bridlington – my father-in-law lived there and it’s a part of the world I know. He gets the light so right. A couple next to us said: ‘That’ll be five o’clock in the afternoon.’

Then this weekend I called into Chase & Sorensen for lunch and coffee with my daughter and spotted the ceramic bottle you can see in the picture. It’s only about seven inches high, but it’s a lovely thing. The pattern reminds me of those talismans you get in Greece to ward off the evil eye and the shape with its little beak of a spout reminds me of a bird. I didn’t need it, but I’m so glad I bought it. (The black and white photograph in the background is a picture of my mother, taken in the late 1940s.)

Danish Modern and the London Riots






Last month we went to the opening of a new shop near where we live. It’s called Chase & Sorensen and it’s right opposite the Pembury Estate, which was one of the flashpoints of the recent London riots. Brilliant shop, stocking vintage Danish furniture and decorative objects in beautiful condition, plus a very nice café at the front – I can recommend the smoked salmon. I wish them well with it!

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